Look At The Sun!

Don’t Always Live In The Head.

Do you often look at the sun or the moon? Do you look at trees, birds, leaves swaying in the breeze, and the stars at night? Do you look at rain? Or are you only busy in ‘your world’, which is, to put it frankly, chaotic, ugly and uncomfortable to live in, isn’t it? 

In one of his videos I heard Om Swamiji saying—we are manushya because we take ashraya (shelter) in our manas (mind). This is actually a very apt description of humans. We perpetually live in the mind. It is a complete world in itself. But the problem is, we are trapped in this world. And now we don’t know how to get out of it. 

The mind is the only obstacle to our freedom, so states the Upanishads. To be free from the structure of the mind requires great understanding and awareness. That’s a different ball game altogether. But we can do simple things to develop a certain space between us and our minds. Space is very essential, you see. If we are always preoccupied with our heads, psychologically we become neurotic. But when there is space, there is room to move. 

As a simple practice, we can try to connect with nature more and more. In this age and time, we are almost completely cut off from the natural world. Of course, the irony is we’ve destroyed half of the natural world for our greed! And we have become civilized in a way that has only separated us from our very source. We live inside four walls, in artificial temperatures, and almost have no connection with mother earth. It’s time to go back to our source. The time has really come. 

As you wake up every morning, go out and greet the sun. Walk for some time. Preferably barefoot on the grass. Drink some water. Listen to the sounds of the birds. Look at the trees. Try to be familiar with your natural environment. Go, sit beside a lake or a pond. Watch its gentle waves. Feel the breeze on your body. Look at the whole sky. At the clouds, their different shapes and hues. Be in nature for some time. Whenever you get some time, try to connect with nature. It’s the ultimate source of our life and the best healer. Nature soothes our soul, much like music does. 

If you are connected with nature, you’ll suffer less from your mental drama. Your mind will not be able to suck you frequently into its vortex of problems. You’ll be a healthy and sane soul. 

Observing nature is a great way to be free from the mind games which constantly keep us entangled. It’s like mindfulness meditation, you see. Only much more natural and enjoyable. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go out from the cage of four walls. Look at the sun! Feel everything. Feel life. And in this way, you’ll not be a caged bird in your mental world anymore. You’ll be able to fly freely. Spread those wings of life and let’s fly! 

P.S: I worte a separate post on nature. It’s titled— Just Observing, Joy Of Observing Nature. You can go through it if you wish. 

Thank you.
Image credit: Simon Berger on Unsplash.

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