It’s been ages that we have heard people use the three magical words” I love You “ and people die to hear it from someone they care and have affection towards but the call is Love.

“Jab is dharti par humara Avtar Hua”, one of the most heard words as a kid are “ guggu, pampu, cuttie, or I love u baby” (Oh I forgot to mention these are the names given in relationships also)

The question that comes to mind is that is it love or is it the care and affection which we have towards the newborn.

Authors around the world have written a lot on this topic and sometimes it is felt that, haven’t we given too much importance to this word. A million-dollar industry rides on this only word. Chocolate, Cakes, Cards, and gift industry enjoy a boom in the one-week celebration of love in the month of February and the irony is that what about the rest of 51 weeks in the year are they not meant for so-called Love, and fact remains that even with so much love in the air we feel the emptiness. Hasn’t media and authors over-sold the concept of love. Wherein true factors behind are care and affection.

Why care and affection are not given that much importance. Love is given the color of red and cares white because the most soothing feel we get from is white. Time to introspect. Will wait for the comments.