Sri Hari Bhagwaan ki Jaya 🙂

His feet are pinkish and the divine feet emit heat of His tapas, the ojas, that life needs for its sustenance…
The Yogis and the Siddhas seek the charan dhuli of His divine feet… 👣

The lovely bells on His feet set the tone and rhythm of the Universe’s play..


His toes are emanating light of uncountable sun’s ! 🌞

Pitambar wrapped so skillfully around His waist, flows like waterfall of melting gold.. 

The golden waist band tied over His Yellow vastam sits like a gem on Lord’s attire…

Making my whole body an eye to behold His Vision… 

The shining bells hanging on his waist band makes Lord demeanor look like a Temple…

The little bells sounds like the star twinkling gently in the sky.. 

The pink vastram that falls over Lord’s able shoulder and lotus stalk like curved hands, creates an impression of yellow-pinkish hue in the blue sky ..

Lord giving the glimpses of Mother Divine this way…. And The eyes and heart begun to melt down at the touch of Her Love..

She sways in Him.. She is Him..

The red gemstone embedded in Lord’s necklace emanates the divinity of Mother Divine….

Experiencing the grounding but heady scent and essence of Vermilion🔴 and coolness of Chandan 🟡 The Feminine and Masculine in one…

Lord wearing Yagnopavita, the sacred thread, symbolising the ever flowing lineages from the beginning of time, He is the source of it all and essence of Santan Dharma (of oneself.) 

The Creator of the world shows to His creation, the pious way to living…

Lord’s Darshan cools down the tamas, rajas and satav leaving behind (the essence) that can not be worded. Beyond the three.

The glimpses that one has stolen from the corner of Swami ji’s eyes that very way Lord Narayan eyes are curved. Petals of Lotus… Perfectly curved. Lotus eyed! 🌷🌷🌷

The meek being within has crumbled and the heart elates. The eyes of an infant has no way to absorb your glimpse.

Lord’s hands so beautiful – glow of a new bride and firmness of a King all that exudes from His Hands…

The very look melts one’s heart, his fingers gentle like feathers adorn beautiful golden jewel studded with gemstones that are never seen before raises to caress his children..

Lord is emanating the beauty of the universe on His face, all at once..

Magnanimity of ocean 🌊 coolness of sky ☁ silky flow of rivers…depth of valleys 🌄 abundance of forests, beaming happiness on his lips..oh that smile 😊… 🌳🌲🌴

His Smile etched in my heart, eyes and in my being… ❤

His crown tells the tale of His endless abundance and Supreme intelligence…

In His able protective fold we rest, we play and we elate…. Eternally.

My Father.

Indeed His countenance enable the world to function with Grace, Love, peace and order.

He is the Sustainer. 🙏

The Principal of this Universe.🌷


🕉️Akahand Mandalakaran Vyaptam yen characharm tat Padam Darshitam Yena Tasmayi Sri Guruve Namah🕉️

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