The shining lord
Beautiful and serene
Tranquility that reverberate in surroundings
Calmness brings peace on onlookers mind
Smile that sink in hearts
Purity overflowing
Mangnetic pull
None can ditch
Spring blossoming
Brings flowers for the lord
So my heart blossoming love
Your beauty resonating deep within
Finding you alone my destiny
May the lord find me soon
Longing to be with you this spring
Doth know how many springs are left to see
Life is river
Once flowed never to return
Each drop is not the same again
That’s the truth of gentle river
Flowing towards lord
Embossed in devotion
With heart full of love
Accounts be not full
Hope full on sides
Emptiness gathering momentum
Beginning to ride, a new
To merge in you
To find you.

So, are the flowers blossoming brightly in garden of our Lord. 🏵️🌺🌹🦋🦋


Neelam Om