I hope you all have listened this “Jeevan Ek Gorakha Dhandha Hai” on audible by Swami Ji.

In this October 2021, I got a call from my school friend and she said: “Abhishek Ron Ke Mumma Papa nahi rahe, unki accident me death ho gayee.”

I was shocked. Ron was my school friend and we used to sit together. I was unable to figure out what should I do. This was the very first time I heard such news. May be this was the start, life is unpredictable. Then I called other people too and luckily they said only his father died and it was not an accident, he died due to heart attack. I revealed at least his mother is alive. Because when I heard both of his parents died I cried. It’s so painful. I couldn’t figure out how should I talk to him. I got busy in my interviews and after that my college just reopened and I came back to college. I didn’t called him. I thought maybe he will feel like suddenly after three years I’m calling. Thoughts were coming out.

I had dream so many times that I’m talking to him, maybe because my subconscious mind was thinking about this. Today I opened my Diary(School Diary where I used to wrote things happened to me) I came across a page in which my friend Ron had written a paragraph for me. I suddenly contacted our common friends and I got his contact and I just called him.

Yeah, I gave him my details, which Abhishek I am. Luckily he recognizedΒ  me and we talked. I just asked how’s life going on. How’s your studies and college going. And at the end I just said: “Ron take care of yourself and your family.”

I’m very bad in handling such situations. Maybe this was my first time to deal with.

I can’t say: “Jeev nahi marta, shareer nashwar hai marega, Prabhu se prem kar lo kuch paa lo.” This all will seem to be rubbish to the one who lost his father.

Please tell me how to deal with such situations…..

I’ll end this by these lines:

Nit Naye Naqsh Banatay Ho Mita Dete Ho

Jaane Kis Jurm-e-tamana Ki Saza Dete Ho

Kabhi Kankar Ko Bana Dete Ho Heeray Ki Kani

Kabhi Heeron Ko Bhi Mitti Mein Mila Dete Ho

Zindagi Kitnay Hi Murdon Ko Ata Ki Jiss Ne

Woh Maseeha Bhi Saleebon Pe Saja Dete Ho

Khwahish-e-deed Jo Kar Baithe Sar-e-toor Koi

Hairat Ki Ek Duniya Ho

Tum Ek Gorakh Dhandha Ho


Every day you draw a new picture and you erase it…

I don’t know for which crime or desire you punish us…

Sometimes you turn a pebble into a diamond…

Sometimes you mix diamonds into dust…

The one who gave life to many of the dead…

You put that Messiah on a crucifix…

The one that longed to have your sight on the Mount Sinai…

You are a world of wonders…

You are one tricky puzzle…

My friend’s name is changed.

Pic Credits: ww.thespruce.com


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