What’s life 

Nothing but a joke 

A mystery sometimes 

that  played a master stroke 


All the teachings lie around 

like crumbled paper 

The contrasts of success and failure 

Love and hate 

have lost their taste 


How I wish

that I may not wish anymore 

for these long lost desires 

will make me suffer 

till I burn on a pyre 


It may have been your play,

this world.

Your creation,

manifested in a blink


It hangs heavy

 on some of us though,


maybe next time 

think it through

take a while 

taste my plight 

glance at my sight 

and then decide 


make perfect beings

coz the sight of imperfections 

makes you irk 

and for us 

all is lost in that smirk 


 hope slips through 

from those crevices 

that once brought in 

your hue 


a being unkept 

withered and blistered

I stand in a blind corner 

my wounds exposed 


the conviction of a prayer

that lies in our hearts 

fragments of it scattered at Your altar


I have resigned now from seeking 

and reciting prayers…. 

blankly I stare 

at Your mighty form 

that once held me in its gaze

Up close and near 

dispelling all my fears..