Dear Members, 🙏

Due to a technical glitch some of our fellow members at lost a few posts from their accounts including the comments to those posts.

We are pleased to inform you that all those posts and also the comments to them have now been restored to your accounts.

Please note some important points:

1) Kindly clear the cache of your browsers and then login again incase you cannot still see them.

2) If the issue persists please send us the title of the lost post(s) at We will help recover them for you.

3) Kindly do not post your grievances on any other members posts cause we will not be able to monitor them and therefore will be unable to extend help in this case.

4) Please know though the comments and votes have been restored, the Karma Points would be credited by the end of this month. We will ensure all restored posts are properly credited under Karma Program.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience faced by you all and are very grateful for your patience and support.



Team Om Swami

Live. Love. Laugh. Give.