Lost we all are

In this crazy world.

Lost in search of that unbeknownst:


We go to places, temples and churches.

Go to bars and brothel houses.

We build empires of things, relations so many;

—All these but peel of life,

We live only on the surface.

Lost to all our sense: 

Where that true bliss lies,

Blindly we’re chasing

A dream of life. 

A dream built by desires and fears,

Hopes and beliefs.

As if under a spell

Of things.

In all these dealings of vanities

We’ve lost life,

Lost love,

Lost the touch of divinity.

To see all lost like this:

My friends and foes,

Kith and kin,

Incapacitates me. Leaves me in thrall.

And I cry. And I smile. To see the futility

Of it all. 

What else can I do except to pray:

May sanity descends on these insane beings!

May we realise:

Happiness is not outside, but within!

Thank You.
Image Credit: iStock Photo.