“Love makes you happy”
“Love makes you hopeful”
“Love makes you grateful”
“Love makes you inspired”

A lover forgets the punishing daily grind when his beloved hugs him, say sweet words to him.

Yes, love also changes one’s life, it transfoms totally!

It was unrequited love that transformed Shiv Kumar Sharma into Shiv Kumar Batalvi, a renowned Punjabi poet who wrote “Loona”, a legendary Punjabi epic verse play.

In fact, being in love is the most beautiful feeling in this world.

The following composition of mine is dedicated to love, to lovers :

Blood gushes through my veins at your sight,
My heart misses a beat when you are beside,
For a lover, life and death live side by side.

Lovers are dumb, O friend of mine,
Furtively I gaze at her for a while,
Shyly she gives her verdict in a smile.

When you smile, your patient recovers soon,
With your smile disperses the mist of gloom,
From my deep wounds, fragrant verses bloom.

~ Sanjay Gargish ~

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