I am reminded of these lines by the poet Lord Byron “Love is a many Splendored thing”.  It means so many things. So many different things to different people. Is it all love?  Is it really love?  Mans search for love; and might I add “true love”; is eternal and as they say, makes the world go round. Much has been said on this elusive word Love, but lets move to the more unifying quality that defines Love.  It is a feeling, an experience we have on the inside that is so uplifting, so divine, so inclusive, so indescribable……………..Here goes:


Like Spring after Winter,

Like Raindrops left on Petals,

Like a Smile Sincere,

Like a Child’s gentle touch,

Its like,

The Laughter in your Eyes.


Like the Clasp of a Handshake,

Its also Like,

The Feeling I feel,

When you are near.


Like a Sunset so beautiful

In its promise to rise.

Like the Lash of the waves

Against the rocks on the shore.

Like the Freedom with which

The Wind calls me hither,

To Dance like the Flowers,

That sway with the Breeze.


To live in today,

Never-mind tomorrow.

Like a Ship, though anchored

Seeks the shore.

Like a Flame that lends 

Its Hands in darkness,

To a Soul seeking

Its Eternal abode.

Its Like,

You and me together.




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