O most benign benevolent father
hands folded head bowed
from the depths of my soul
I sing to you a song

You never leave me
You never go very far
even when it’s dark
and I can’t find you in my heart
there blows in a gentle draft
that reminds me of you

When I feel too little
too unworthy of your grace
You smile down at me
as if there’s nothing to forgive
when the road ahead is blurry
not a soul in sight
You walk besides me
pointing at the stars

I’ve never felt so loved
so innocent or so purged
You’ve never spoken to me
and yet, I know your voice
as a child knows a mother’s caress
Oh what would I not give
to be lost in your thoughts
to not know another person
and be immersed in your bhaav

O supernal Lord
Your worship is my work
please it is my life
I know little else
I don’t know meditation
the rosary slips from my hands
in my heart yours is the highest place

Bhagwan you are too kind
you are everywhere
yours is the only face
that I never tire of
Oh what softness lies
in your loving eyes
that gently wipes my tears

I love you O Lord
in you I seek to dissolve
one day you shall come
and release me from this earth
until then please grant me
the devotion that you
and you alone deserve
let me be your devotee
let me be your Prahlad