When you Love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love If you are not there?- Thich Nhat Hanh.





When was the last time you found someone so happy and blessed in their life that they said they didn’t want anything else? They would have said they were happy, but only if this had been there.

Everyone in this world has a need; the need can be divided into two parts

·         Mental

·         Physical

Mental: When we say a person needs mental peace, we talk about individuals who are content in their life, majorly these are the old ones in our home who had realized it the hard way that not everything is possible in this one lifetime. We can go from one corner of the world to another but seldom find a content person. The question is why is everyone not satisfied and the reason is expectations, now these can be from

Parents: At our younger age, we are dependent on them, and sometimes we cross the limits as we don’t know what they are going through, and we have a notion that our parents don’t understand us.

Kids: Swami told a story which we can relate to in every household if our parents tell us to do something and we complete the task in one voice, we are good kids, and if we are a bit occupied and busy and say we will do it afterward, 90% of the time it will be a war, remember the dialogue from a Hindi movie, —-( ye chota nai bada hatiyar hai, isse mai badi ladi mai istamal karonga ya gi)

Spouse: this is a ritual, I must say (at least for me, the majority of the time I am at fault, but still we fight like cats and dogs) we have a specified expectation from our spouses and that expectations when not met, becomes a problem. These problems can be deadly if they cross a specific line) Peace breathe in, breath out.

Friends: these are the creatures who know you the most; these are your brothers and sisters from another mother. At a certain age, these are the ones who keep us safe, watch our back, and then they are the ones who are there with us up to a certain age and either time or either work takes them away from us.

Sibling: these are the perfect partners in crime. These are the ones who live and die ( time is a question, which one is the first); still, they are around in every laugh and cry. But they also have their obligations and limitations.


Colleagues: Surprisingly, these are the ones with whom we are for more than 30% of our life, if not 50%, and they are the ones with whom you share your lunch or at least a cup of tea every day. They are the ones who take care of your tantrums and emotional bursts. They are the ones who are a family and are not treated to be one. As the quote says,” nothing is personal in this life, everything is professional” Swami also uses this, which gives you strength in surviving this war zone.

Now comes the Physical ones

Love, care, and satisfaction: this is true for lovers and newlywed couples as the intimate relationship they share is perfect until they understand life is beyond this.

Your presence is not subject to a single relation, but this is the most important one. When you feel low or face a problem, a single pat on the back or a simple hug can make the difference. But is it always physical? The answer is no. The presence is the voice and the words of an individual that are said in the right amount, tone, and intention. A word of care and love can make the difference which all make cant of the world.


So it depends on us, which one we like, Mental, physical or just that thought that you are taken care of.

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