1. Shri radheOcean of love

    Ocean of mercy!

Shri radha….

Shri hit harivansh..

Only there is one power,front of him everyone lye is lord Krishna but he oweself lies in the lotus feet of shri Radhika rani🙏🙇….

Shri radhika is ocean of mercy, compassion, she will not remain your vessel empty if you will put your vessel front of her ,she will overfill it with the love and care the only thing which a common and real people want in this materialistic world and for this quest he knocks out of the numerous doors howsoever he can’t attained….

     So the simplest to get water is stay near reservoir you will get water without doing any endeavour, similarly the simplest way to get love is stay in the lotus feet of shri radha rani and attained fathomless love and peace …. It’s your life make it huge 🙏🙇


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