As my Matrimonial search was onn ,one March closing weekend, my senior boss ,our Area Sales manager , Mr Vineet khanna paged me ,on my pager( mobiles were very rare in 1998 with heavy costs of incoming and ongoing calls), that he wanted to see me at 5pm in his cabin in our Marshal house office! Since there was no j.c monthly meeting or yearly closing meeting planned ,and thankfully i had met all my sales targets,there was nothing to fear from the boss! Rather all men office with only me as a female ,called me Blue eyed girl of boss…getting all incentives, perks and appreciation certificates! So i confidently knocked Vineet Sir s glass cabin door ,where he was dictating something to the only other female in office..Sonal ,some official mail,as i entered the less speaking and always Stern looking Khanna sir handed me a white envelope, what could be in it i thought( mind has a tendency to think 6 options in 1 second), could it be a promotion letter thought ,i just to be interrupted by Sir ,These are your Bombay train tickets, i have booked your accommodation in Ymca ,and you will be on a 3 day tour to learn how Bombay sales team serve ice cream needs of marriage catering! They are the Number 1 ice cream selling team alll India, and their Regional manager is my friend ,he has appointed a csc( customer service co ordinator ) to take you around Bombay! I had no choice but to adhere to boss s order, i had never ever before ventured out out of station without my parents and when i was appointed as the only female in a Male dominated Ice cream industry, the only apprehension Kwality walls Management had was my transfers and out of station travels ,but my enthusiasm, conviction, confidence and ofcourse Divine grace ( i had visited 2 km long darshan to a Gurudwara 5 consecutive Tusdays) had melted the Management to appoint me! Going back home ,i announced, i m going to Bombay in August Kranti express day after tomorrow, there was big Panick chaos and even discussions of either of my parents accompanying me or me leaving this job…for us to imagine lone travelling in train ,in an unknown city at unknown hotel and watching movies like Sadak and baaghi ,where girls are abducted while traveling in train and sold in brothel was next to impossible! After my Father talked to my boss( so embarrassing) ,he was assured of my security aswell shown dreams ,that for me to rise in my career, i needed to be even more confident and out of Parental helicopter shadow, So our big black attachi case was summoned from our Parchhatee( atic) ,and for 3 days i packed, 3 formal and 3 casual salwar suits ,a pair of sport shoe( i thought i ll jog on juhoo beach all 3 days) ,sun glasses,basic toiletetries a towel and a track suit and some travellers cheques ( they were considered most safe as compared to Cash,), Mathees,nsmak paaraas and bessan ladoos for emergency hunger pangs On Thursday evening was my Train ..the August Kanti express from Nizamudin railway station to Bombay central …a 16 hrs 5 minutes journey from 4.30 pm to8.35am ,My mom came to drop me till station, giving all imporant security tips from screaming, to pinching to punching or pulling train chain , As we checked our seat numbrr, coach number and Bogie to be boarded ,a group of young men too boarded the train..

Will i meet love of my life on train?
..keep tuned inn for more!

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