Yay!!! My result for the competition is out and after a long wait I am super excited to share the video and story of the selenophile competition which I shared with you in my ’Happiness of Guru matters the most’ post. In which I have to write a story about love for moon and then make a PowerPoint presentation of the story and then make video from it along with voice over i.e. to narrate story in my voice. So, respecting ma’am words, now I’m free to share it. It took me lot of time to complete it. It took me around 10 to 12 days to do it. It was a great experience to participate in the competition. And overall journey of the preparing for the competition is filled with lot of fun. As I have done so many funny mistakes like, while recording my audio I have to say ‘took’ but beside ‘took’ I said ‘tak’. Oh!! A laughter, my bua and sister started laughing on me. 😊😊 Also, where I have to say ‘pain’, there I was saying in rhythm ‘paiiiiinnnn’ putting lot of stress on the word. As I was narrating there were so many instances where I was speaking in bit flowy manner which made things funnier.😄😄 It was also a very tough task for me to do because firstly I was having high fever (102°) and secondly, I don’t know how to make PowerPoint presentation. My cousin elder brother helped me for making PowerPoint Presentation and taught me how to make it. It was the first time I made a ppt. I was badly frustrated while making it. But after making my video I was happy to see it. My ma’am was also happy to see it. And everybody was surprised with the presentation I made. Finally, with lot of hard work and help of everybody around me I was able to make the Video. Though, I couldn’t find any place in the competition but I am happy that I gave my best.😇😇


So, for all os.me family I am sharing the story and video which I have made. Here’s that for you all :‐


Story for my competition

Little John and the big bright moon


As the earth was captured by the, monstrous Corona virus, many people lost their lives, children lost their parents. Their pain was heart breaking as also the pain of the little John who lost his mother to corona virus. One day, little john was sitting under the dark night sky and glaring at the vast moon whose waist, oops! no its diameter is 3476 km. Which is shining brightly in the sky and brightening his heart and wondering about interesting things about the Moon…

Ohh!! Moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. It shines and reflects the light from the sun.

It’s great that it takes 27.3 days to complete it’s orbit around the earth.

Hey moon! john asked moon how old are you?

Expecting a reply, he was amazed to know, that the moon is just 4.5 million years old and is 384,400 km away from the earth.

And got excited to know that it takes only 130 days to travel to moon by car, less if done by rocket around 13 hours and the best is the speed of light which takes just 1.52 seconds to reach to this beautiful satellite.

Pondering on the temperature of moon, he finds that extreme temperature exists there, which is as hot as 250-degree Fahrenheit during day time and as cold as -250 degree Fahrenheit at night.

Thinking to himself, the awful hitting of meteoroids some 3.5 to 4.5 billion years ago on the rocky surface of moon made the creators that appears as spots on it’s surface, but still it appears as beautiful as always.

It feels lighter on the moon than on the earth as its gravity is 1/6th that of the earth. And when the earth is closest to the moon, the gravity of the moon pulls the water up and creates high tides.

And lastly as we humans have phases in life, so moon also have 8 phases.

John was thrilled to know the amazing facts about the moon. A bit sad as the moon is drifting 3.78 cm away from the earth every year. And also, happy that he will get to see him every day and that nobody can take away my friend Moon from me who is always there up for me and reminds me of my mom who is always looking after me from the heaven.


And here’s the link to the video, sorry! couldn’t add the video due website settings :-




Hope you liked the video. Thank you for watching. 😊😊



Jai Sri Hari


Keep Smiling 😃



P.S. Unable to upload video due website security settings. As I am trying to upload but its showing not permitted due to security reasons.

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