Will I be able to happily part with my favorite piece of jewelry?

I opened my fist in which I was holding a beautiful necklace made up of gold studded with various gems. How many times has my mother visited the jeweler to blend it perfectly with my taste? The jeweler had innovatively shaped and soldered the golden metal and very delicately studded the tiny pieces of gems and stones in it to give it a unique design. That novel piece of art was always close to my heart. Now, as a saintly heart I decided to part it with, to make someone else’s life beautiful. I gave a last close look to it. I closed my eyes to pray. I closed my fist and bent towards the driver’s seat window and handed that to the woman standing near to the car. She was happy to receive this unexpected gift. She expressed her gratitude in a very decent way. Her etiquette surprised me.

A wife of a car driver with such decent manners! I could not resist myself and asked the driver when the car started moving again on the zigzag roads. He told me, “I am only eighth pass. I could not study further because my father died when I was in school, soon after I have to start earning, but my wife is a postgraduate in science and is presently teaching in a reputed school. And we both opted for love marriage to which our families happily agreed. I have two beautiful kids. We are a happy family but in Corona time there were almost negligible tourists. I could not bear the maintenance cost of my two taxis therefore I had to sell my one car at a very low price. It was a quite big financial loss for us.”

Earlier as soon as I boarded the taxi, he told me that he forgot to bring the mask. I told him that I had an extra mask if you wish I could share it with him. He said, “My house is situated on the road, moreover my wife will come to handover the mask to me. I can buy a new one from the market, but I do not want to waste my money.” I then and there decided to bless them with wealth and happiness. Charity means love in action.

Harold S. Kushner said, “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”

Pic : Pixabay