I can feel it in my fingers

I can feel it in my toes……

February is THE month of Love! Well, its famous for the romantic kind of love, but never the less, love it is. 

Love is such a beautiful emotion. Its such a beautiful feeling to be in love. When you feel the love in your heart, when love fills your heart, so much love that its going to burst….it feels like spring in the whole world. 

Love may be the puppy kinda love, love for your friends or family, love for your profession or country. What would life be like if there was no love? But that is where the world is heading. There is “materialistic” kind of love all around, which measures everything in terms of give and take. We need the love of our beloved Swamiji to keep us grounded and headed in the right direction.

I recently read this amazing book- A gentleman in Moscow, by Amor Towles. The main character in this story is Count Rostov, an aristocrat banished to the attic in Hotel Metropol after the Russian Revolution in 1922. The Count has a lot of love- for his family, his country, his friends, despite the situation he has landed in. He doesn’t spend his time in bitterness at the turn of events. I won’t let you on to the story, it is to be read and enjoyed.

Let us spread the love to all. Hmm. Easier said than done. I hear you loud and clear.  But when we conduct ourselves mindfully, a bit of love will seep in. Taking baby steps, love will spread all around us, and….

You will feel it in your fingers

You will feel it in your toes….

Have a loving Lovebruary!

Love and Peace.