The month of Magha, is one of my favourite ones! The other being November, because duh! everyone loves their birthday month. The month of Magha (February-March) because it comes with two of my favourite festivals that I love to celebrate with my Bhagwan. The first one is the festival of Love, the fourteenth day of February and the second one, co-incidentally also the festival of love! the day of Shiva-Shakti and their divine Union, the World’s first love marriage :P.  I am too big on celebrating their love !

The night before was the night of awakening and it was almost 12 am by the time I finished burning off my regrets and then I looked at him and thought “We’ll party all night now, it has just started!” and that’s what we did. We spent a good amount of quality time together although I could not enjoy the songs as much as I wanted due to my recent dental surgery and the residual pain. It was indeed sad to realise that wearing headphones can cause you pain in the nerves that run in you jaw because I had a good list in my mind. 

But well, he is like me! likes surprises and likes to surprise as well. The quality time I spent in quietude and solitude with him while everyone else was asleep is something I won’t trade for anything else. We meditated, read a really good book and listened to good music before it was dawn and I concluded my fast with the morning Pooja. What a blissful night it was! 

Here I would like to quote a few lines from the book “Aghora” one of the most phenomenal books I have had the fortune to come across:

Finally Mahakala became please with my Sadhana and told me ,”I know you want me to come and stand before you but you will not be able to endure seeing me and still continue to live. I will come and stand behind you and I will always remain with you at your back”

  Mahakala is the God of time, He is Satya Sri Akala: True, auspicious and beyond time. He is time: How can he be subject to it?

This book is one of those, that fills me with detachment and devotion every time I read it, some books and some words are just like that, it fills us with devotion. And on that beautiful note, here is a round of applause for every such beautiful and mesmerizing post I read this month! 

 I am sure all of us have read this beautiful article on the homepage on Sadhana app, if not, here is the link! The article is the evergreen story of Shiva and Shakti with a hint of sweet humour on how our Mahayogi was hell bent on never marrying and set forth conditions that were impossible to match! While reading it, I caught myself thinking “You and I are the Same in this case, no chances of falling in love” and even the conditions he named were almost similar to my checklist but then burst into laughter when he finally saw Devi and a wave of overwhelming love emerged from the depths of his heart. Here I said to myself “Wow, even you could not escape; so, there is no hope for me I guess” 😛 

The second one is again the story of the most divine auspicious wedding day, from the perspective of a Gana, or should I say, the cutest AI Gana? Written by Akshay Om, here is the first-person fictional narrative of an odd-looking kid who was an outcast, chased away from the city of living until Mahadev found him and now, he is happy singing and dancing, being the part of the wildest Baraat this universe has ever seen. 

The Third one, is the love expressed by Vedant in these beautiful poetic lines, the painting was a big fat cherry on the top!  In these lines Our eternal father adores our Divine Mother and tells her what she means to him, that she is his reason to smile and the cure to his pains. I am sure your heart will melt with the admiration for Devi that our poet has put in those words.

Last but not the least, I hope all of us heard our Gurudev Swami when he narrated the story in his ever charming and humorous style. I will be honest here when tell you that I became very sad (and jumped a little like an impatient baby monkey ) when the live streaming abruptly stopped in the middle of the story, right when Swami as describing the “tap on tap off” Bhangra dance and I went “awwwww”. But thankfully it resumed in a short while, a million gratitude to the team for putting in such tremendous efforts. My favourite-funny part was when the snake lord Takshak  who was given a very serious responsibility of being Groom’s belt and keep him from being Digambar could not resist dancing and took our Groom’s only clothing with him! Read the summarised version of the narration written by Rashmi Om who did total justice to the beauty it entails! 

With that, I will bring this round-up to a close but the month of Love isn’t over yet, it’s on 24×7 , 365 days a year 😉 

Lots of Love and Hugs,

Ft. Image using Midjourney AI , a tiny effort to capture Devi’s beauty basking in love 😀