Living like a baby is what I heard them say, open to all possibilities; taking life as is. Accepting and exploring life with open arms as it comes with its gems and ghosts.

I would believe whatever is coming my way is for a reason, I have to embrace it. I would be all invested and enthusiastic. It would work out well until it all breaks apart into million shiny sand grains I couldn’t hold together ever again.

Keep making sand castles nonetheless, draw and write stories and promises on the sand and let the waves wash it away; for you can start afresh and feel it all over again. There is such a deep realization difference in the following: One, when you face the ocean wind for the first time and untamed that you are, you feel it with full intensity; let it hit you in the face, entangle your hair and let the sand be a part of your body. Two, you feeling the familiar ocean breeze, listening to the distant wave hitting the sea blades, traveling miles in a slowed down motion and reaching you while you inhale it all in one long breath and dismiss it before the big wave hits the shore; and you open your eyes to grin.

When I accepted what I was looking for and knew that only I can allow myself to receive it from the forces of the nature, to give me what I deserve and seek in abundance, I started being. The home to someone, waiting at the entrance with open arms to hear about their small achievements and minuscule progress. They knew I wouldn’t give up on them, they knew I was there to be found to be reached when they approached. Words of encouragement and acceptance; oh the simplicity of being one’s true self in your company; the compassion the empathy. Little bit of understanding and lots of patience. Love in abundance – unfiltered, unconditional.

Feel beautiful, live honest, love unlimited, smile limitless.