Love need not to be Perfect

It needs to be true! 

I read this quote yesterday and since then my mind is contemplating over it and  producing some random thoughts. So i decided to share those thoughts here.

When we read “Love needs to be true”, mostly we think it means that it should be honest, there should not be any kind of deception in that bond. 

What I have realised, is that Love being true is something different from it being honest. Honesty is just one of the by-products of true love and honesty can even exist in the absence of true love. We’re seeing many couples around us who are not happy in their relationship even when there is not a single trait of any kind of deception. What can be the cause of their unhappiness then? Yes the reason is that, their or atleast one person’s love for the other one, is not true.

“When you truly  love someone, you accept and love them as they are, you do not want to change them. “

Ah but we have wrongly understood this point “we shouldn’t try to change the other person whom we love”.

What should not be attempted to change….is their basic nature. 

Basic nature means 

“How less or more a person speaks. “

“Being extrovert or introvert”

” He/She is fashionable or simple person”

“He is a party lover or not”

“How much or less social he is.” 

and many more these kind of habits which are his/her own personal choice or you may say his own soul imprints…these natural habits of your partner, if you accept lovingly, will not harm anyone. So these should never be asked to change.       

However when your partner is trying to help you in quitting any bad and destructive acquired habit like, excessive alcohol, smoking, or anything that is bad for your own life and equally bad for your family too, then you will welcome and readily contemplate on other person’s request and suggestions only when your love for them is true but if the love is not true then you will feel it as an attack on your freedom or ego. 

So what is true love? 

A love, a bond that connects two souls… 

Love that gives them the feeling of a companion even when they are miles apart. 

A bond in which each person can express without any hesitation or fear, his concerns about the wrong path taken by the other who is ready to contemplate over those things. 

A bond where each others’ shortcomings are not discussed with other people but respectfully discussed with each other only. 

Yes a true love is something that gives happy and peaceful hearts and bright blissful eyes to both partners and thereby to all family members and thereby to all families… All people in this world. May this true love prevails all over mother Gaia 🙏🕊💕