Step into the world of my heart
Smeared with beautiful feelings
Decked up with flowers
Of joy and calmness
Emitting sweetness in full glory
Of love and happiness
Imbibing pristine beauty of beloved
Radiating all along the shores
Sailing through the ocean
Holding darling love in heart
Walking through each
Joy & sorrow
With equanimity deep into being
Tears of warmth flowing like river
In gratitude and thankfulness
For holding your love
In your heart
Finding the best in being
Filling with yourself
Your love
For she endured all
The slaps of time
Arrows of sorrows
Swords of words
Cutting through her being
Making her tender soft heart
Cry, to the extent where she lost
Who she is
To what she doesn’t belong
For she is joy
Bubbly chirpy darling of Lord
Beyond measure your love
Balming the soul
With your love
Glorifying her being
To the most magnificent love
Here, I adore you, love
Love! Only you become
My journey and destination
With your love alone, I sailed
For your love alone, I live
For, you are the only one
I belong
You my love! Only you
Whom I belong.❤️

Jai Sri Hari 🙏


Neelam Om 

P.S. It’s sheer joy to be drenched up in love where life feels content. Fulfillment of heart and soul is love’s only choice for it flourishes deep in happiness and warmth, one find in loving presence of beloved.😊

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