It is February, the Lunar New Year is off to a start, holiday season is over, I hope most house decorations have been taken down. The year has begun 2022, we are entering the third year of a global pandemic. As the winter bears its cold dreary darkness over us, I cannot help but begin to think of the future and whatever else the world can offer. 

Valentines Day, or as I like to call it “singles awareness day”  is a reminder to don’t forget all that we are told by society that women should be married today at my age and those who aren’t are destitute for misfortune. That cannot be far from the truth. I live in the thriving metropolis of New York City and I see single women well into their forties thriving in their careers, having healthy friendships while living enriching and fulfilling lives. We are complete without a man or partner and do not need to feel like we have failed in our lives. 

The things I am doing this V-day season is focusing on self-love I’ve made a commitment to myself to be proud of who I am:

  • Gym: get up, get dressed and force yourself to get to the gym 4-6 days a week, it is healthy and a strong body = a strong mind
  • Dietary habits: limit intake of sugar and high-carb foods, focus on fruits, vegetables and healthy meats (sorry to the vegans on here, but I can’t live without meat) One cup of coffee in the morning with a afternoon tea at 3pm is all the caffeine I will intake
  • Daily meditations using apps like Calm and Mindvalley
  • Re-connecting with New York City and finding hidden gems that spark joy within me, such as the coffee shop that smells like roses
  • Reconnecting with lost friendships and reminding myself that in this city I am not alone, friends are family and my soul tribe
  • Reconnecting with family, because family is the purest love you will ever feel
  • Beginning to write again after a 5 month hiatus for no reason except that my debilitating anxiety crippled my creative mind 
  • Begin the draft of that (award-winning) screenplay I’ve been thinking about for years now 
  • Attend a dance class, find your inner goddess! 
  • Practice and learn to play the Tabla, an instrument I’ve adored for years
  • Sunday’s are for self-care, hair, skincare, nails etc or do whatever you need to be reminded beauty comes from within
  • Help anyone that is in need, make an introduction, smile to a stranger, do without expecting reciprocation. 

Love Thyself