Did you ever wonder why it’s so easy to love puppies, kittens, babies or other adorable little beings? That’s because it is quite hard to have anything against them especially given how innocent they appear to be. Once a very, very wise master, none other than Om Swami himself, said something beautiful (which I probably paraphrased):

“Love is what remains when all other emotions are absent.”

Unfortunately, I can neither recall the discourse nor can I remember when he said it, so I can only hope that I didn’t make it all up!

Nevertheless, that simple yet precious piece of wisdom gave rise to the realisation that it is no wonder then that God, saints and awakened beings are able to love everyone unconditionally. When our heart is filled with care, gentleness and when there is barely any space for undesirable emotions, the manifestation of love is inevitable.

The excitement present in the initial stages of love is perhaps very much due to this fact. We fill our minds with goodness towards the other person, their anger is overlooked, their impatience is forgiven with a hug and we turn a blind eye to any of their wrong doings. In love, to awaken the bliss within, we allow the mind to come to a halt, albeit temporarily, and sometimes we fill it with goodness.

There’s this other marvellous thing I noticed about love. When we are too busy loving others, our whole mindset shifts into the mode of giving, allowing no room for expectations. And when there are no expectations, then disappointments and outbursts of anger also reduce significantly.

Wonders do happen when we start waking up with the pure intention to give out love wholeheartedly instead of constantly feeding the desire and expectation to be loved by others. The ‘loving-others’ engine does take a few hours to kickstart but it’s pretty reliable once it gets going! And it’s quite an addictive trip too if you ask me, but don’t ask me. Just kidding.

Let’s try to love to love and not just love to be loved.


P.S: On the day I decided to write this post, I went for a walk. And on my way back, I randomly looked down to see this tiny little heart (in the feature photo) lying on the pavement in the middle of nowhere:)