। । जय श्री हरि । ।

It was a glistening sunshine of spring season with beautiful trees and greenery all around in the park. New buds were ready to bloom, Some were already move to new look. It was the time to widespread their fragrance. Every Flower was bragging of their beauty and colors and whispers each other about their new look. One new flower while passing out near by saw the beauty of that park. He entered inside. On his strolling he went nearby to another refreshing flower who just bloomed recently. The garden’s flower look amazingly to the guest flower and started his conversation, “Hi ! You look so beautiful and loving, your fragrance is super enticing and deep imersive.”.  “Yeah ! I know” replied guest flower,”But you too are also so ravishing, my dear friend”. The garden flower replied jovially,“Thanks for beautiful compliment, I see you first time here in this garden, Have you brought by some one here ? “

“No Dear, I came from downhill, near to the riverside. Just came to stroll” He replied.

“That’s so Sweet, you came here to see our beauty ?” Garden flower said smilingly

The garden flower continues “But why the hell you are living there ? That’s a desolate place. No one lives there ,that’s wild forest. Nobody will come to see your beauty and praise your fragrance ? Come here my dear friend, join us, Look how many people come here daily and praise our beauties and attract from us. They are in love with us. This is absolutely heaven my dear.”

The guest flower smiled and replied wisely,”Of course my dear, I know that is totally a remote place, no one will come there never till my death and even i may be swallowed by wild animals one day. But I will still reside there. You know why ? For My loving Lord, who gave me life and placed me there. My beauty is there for that vast mountains, my fragrance is there for lush greens who are with me there every moment, I will be there for aromatic air who touch me every time softly and praise my beauty. My colors are for that murmuring river who passes through me and always humming the glories of divine. I am there for my Father Sun, who nourished me with his compassionate heat. Do you think may I need more than that ? My love for all of them is unconditional and I will serve them until my last breath at a place where divine gave me life.”

That’s the beauty of unconditional Love. Sometimes in whole life we are looking for what we have not in our life and in quest of that we loose the beauties and treasuries of happiness of what we have currently. God has given us in excess of what we deserve. Always be grateful to God for all what you have and one more remarkable lesson to be learnt from this story is that do your duties without any desires of fruits or for any praise. It should be only for divine. When no one is watching your goodness, it’s the Supreme Soul who watches it and all your karma’s fruit will ripe whenever the right time come. Do everything for him. That’s why we are here….

Jai Shri Hari ….