My dear Swamiji,

 You know everything, all that’s going on outside as well as inside my mind every second. Still I am writing this for my own sake, to express the overwhelming love and gratitude that fills my heart for You.

You didn’t mention a single word, but You did everything to give me a new world. In every step, You were with me. Nothing was unknown or strange to me anymore because is there anything outside Your existence? Every breath, every morsel of food, every single thing along the way was provided by You just at the right time to keep me going. Under Your protection, I felt secure, no fear could touch Your child.

Ignorant and foolish that I am, I still kept begging for some humanly signs from You. Honestly, even today I continue doing so as I am greedy to get anything from You. I am really sorry for bothering You incessantly, but I can’t say that I won’t do it further. I am addicted and I wish to drown in Your love and remembrance forever and ever. Please don’t turn me away even for a little while. Grant this soul a place at Your Lotus Feet forever.

I was bleeding

From the boulders and thorns

On my steep mountainous path

All of them carving

A deep wound in my aching heart

The only solace I found

Was in feeling the tug 

Of the rope around my waist

Because I knew

The other end of it was in Your hands

I didn’t know where I was going

But anywhere was fine

The rope too left some marks

Red blisters and a burning feel

Watching them made me glad

Because in those scars

I saw an invisible bond

Most divine beyond the mind and world

Whatever be the situation

You are holding me tight

I am not alone

My rein is in Your hands

Take me wherever You want.

Thank you Swamiji for everything! I love you and offer myself completely at Your Lotus Feet. ❤️

Love and gratitude,

Your crawling child.

P.S: I am really touched by the love and kindness of my most amazing family. You tried to reach out to me in so many ways, willing to do all you can for me. Gratitude is a very small word for how I feel. I am deeply thankful to each one of you and offer my obeisance for the divine love and prayers you showered upon me. And it worked! The universe granted my prayer strengthened by your collective prayers. I am sorry for not being able to disclose anything further because I had decided to keep it between myself and my Lord only. Also I won’t be able to interact over comments right now, hence my sincere apologies. My love, gratitude and obeisance to the Divine in You!🙏