The parent child relation is intertwined and it has the inseparable bond.
The irony of a parent-child relationship is, that at any given moment, you don’t know who is teaching whom.

Due to societal and developmental change people moved away from the home. In place of joint family system nuclear family took root – husband, wife and their children.
They are absorbed in their own affair and hardly have time and intent to bother for the parents.
Everybody is busy these days in uploading a picture on social media but not getting time for talking to parents who are sitting beside.

So, I just wanted to omen below words :

We are seeing this beautiful world because of our parents .
Find some time for your parents from your busy schedule because you might be nothing to the world but for them you are their world.
Never complain about the things your parents couldn’t give you… It was probably all they had.

We have seen everywhere, it is parent’s responsibility to rear the children in the best possible way, one can afford.
And when the children grow up and the parents become old, it is the children’s duty to look after the old parents.

When we get a news of abandoning parents by their children then we often hear below words :
‘ It’s better to have a girl than a boy because these days girls are taking care of parents’
Indeed i would say if a girl would become a daughter at in law’s home then such consequences would never happen.

What are we today is just because of the efforts taken by our parents and they don’t expect anything in return than few kind words and they will reach the pinnacle of happiness when they see their phone ringing and it displays your name.
One day you will wish you could hear your parents voice but the passed time will never come back so, Call, talk , laugh, live and get them all the happiness as you can give.

At last , I just wanted to articulate below one line:

“Love your parents . We are so busy growing up . We often forget they are also growing old”.

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