I had heard someone saying, “Love yourself first, until then you cannot love someone else.” I had laughed at this. I thought I loved myself. My favorite line was “Main Apni favorite hun.” 

It was about two years back, I understood I never truly loved myself. Even after two years, I cannot accept that I truly love myself. Loving oneself is difficult because your life doesn’t remain the happy-goofy life always. You have happy, good, bad, and worst days. (No one is left out.) It is the next day after the worst and bad days that matte a lot.

The days after good days are easy to deal with. Because we are at a good place already. So, loving and taking care of oneself becomes easy. The bad and worst days do not come with good days. The next days usually turn out to be more worst than what we thought. It all depends upon us. The way we look to the new day matters the most. If we look at the coming day as new sunshine and new hope, the day will only turn its course from the worst to the good. As said, it is all a matter of our thoughts. 

Usually, we depend on some external forces or situations to turn up good and hence, our day will turn good. But, why do we have to wait on someone else or some object to turn the course of our day? (Even when I am writing this, I know this is exactly where I go wrong and have a long way to go.) Some days we are at our lowest points and we need someone to be there with us and pull us out of the pit we made for ourselves. I have observed, I may not have answers to many questions myself, but when I mention those in front of someone, I find answers to them easily. 

There have been so many days when I was at my lowest, used words like “I can’t do it!” yet I woke up the next day and made it the best. This ain’t possible alone. Those days, I talked to friends and family. They always help me get things clear and get out of my bed. They have always been helping me get ready for the next day. 

Loving oneself is difficult, it is like snakes and ladder game! You go up with the help of a ladder and the next move, you are down through a snake’s throat. But I have observed proper support-acceptance-learning and willpower makes it a little easy to love ourselves.

A note to everyone who is looking for the next better day, 

“Love yourself as much as possible. Talk about it with someone if you think you can’t do it. And this ain’t forever.”

These are some words that I remind myself every now and then. Hope you all could relate and this article brings hope for you.

Love and love yourself!