Today I am going to talk about

‘The life of a dog’

Sometimes it’s short and

Sometimes it’s quite long

Some spent playing with ball and

Some with wooden log

All find there way to home

Even after getting puzzled in fog

There are a lot of breeds of dogs living on this earth but humans have discriminated dogs mainly in two types namely ‘stray and domestic’.

Stray ones mostly have a hard life that’s full of difficulties whereas the domestic ones mostly get a smooth and easy life. But this is not applicable all the time. Some stray dogs by good luck get people full of humanity around them who provide them shelter to leave, food to eat and love to survive. On the other hand, some domestic once with bad fortune gets annoying and bad owners who would beat it or tie it all day. 

There is not a huge difference between stray and domestic dogs, it’s just because of its price, looks , strength and qualities but both have the same heart that is full of love and loyalty. Indeed  both have the same organs as four paws, two eyes, two ears and a tail, nose and a mouth. Whether the dog is a stray or domestic, both save their loved ones from the danger. 

Humans can find this faithful animal everywhere in this world. Dogs have intelligent minds and a powerful sense of hearing and smell. Humans like dogs because of their loyalty but when it comes to looks all bands towards the valued breeds. But there’s a little cuteness in every single dog so one should adopt them also and if can’t just not beat them and should feed them as dogs are the only creatures who love humans more than he loves himself that is why dogs are known as the best friends of humans. 

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