I am writing this because the previous post of Swamiji was about lying and this week I had to really face this in a different way so more or less I had to think about it a lot.

Last week there was an incident with an Airplane getting kidnapped flying from Athens to Vilnius and one passenger was taken in as a political prisoner Roman Protasevich in Belorussia.

The thing is that last Thursday evening there was an interview with him where he went and said that all that he believed in was a lie. And the story is much like the examples from the book of Sam Harris, which I learned after reading the post from Swamiji.

 When one is presented with the option to speak untruthfully or lose his life makes it a hard choice. This man who spoke so untruthful according to his conciseness and did with such candor that his own parents said, with tears in their eyes, that they feel only great fear because of the things that might have been used to force their son to speak and act like that.

Of course, there is the death penalty option and the woman he loves is in the neighboring cell. What could they have done to her or the ways that they could have used her to influence him I don’t want to think about it. And frankly, all that I could feel watching him was the fear and the horror of the situation. Some say it is exactly like a movie called “Hunger Games” but I never saw that movie so I don’t know. Some say the man is anyway a goner.  Are our beliefs so firm that they can withstand death? With what would we compromise? Can we bear to see the suffering of our loved ones as a price for keeping our beliefs? Or can we drop them and do everything to protect that what is dear to us?  Much like st. Peter in the bible denied knowing Jesus when they were looking for people connected to him.

The interview was banned in Germany and probably in other countries too and then deleted from youtube, mostly. And I think that shows quite good how lying has the same effect on people as some grotesque act. We know that a lot of atrocities happen around the world but still, we don’t watch them on everyday tv and there are viewers age-advised.  But when we are aware that someone is lying and forced to do that we feel uncomfortable watching it even if to someone who does not know that the person is lying it would look like a regular tv show where people are having an honest and friendly conversation, laughing and crying. Because frankly if you see that out of the context not knowing what the story is- it looks like a normal interview with a young man who somehow confesses his guilt. Apart from being scared from the possible brutalities that might have been, it is also repulsing just to see the act of lying so exposed.

Because mostly when we lie it is in secret. And often we are trying to lie to ourselves thinking that we are alone no one else is going to know, we lie to others and say to ourselves that we don’t have a choice. But if there is someone watching who knows our true self it would look to him like that case above, it would be repulsing to watch because he would definitely know that we are lying to our true self. We are trying to lie to our true nature. I have never realized how repulsing it looks. How horrible it is, it is like the worst torture.  And I just thought it is not a big thing. I will just sleep and finish the work tomorrow the work which my soul wants I will sleep longer today and I will be well-rested therefore I will meditate better later, yeah right.  Now every time I lie I’ll try to think of that feeling that I got watching this interview. And I am not judging him in any way I would have done the same thing but still, it is horrible.

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