It’s a chilly Monday morning, and I wake up to a gentle voice telling me that it’s 8:00 am, and I am going to miss the bus again. I burst out of my bed and rush to the bathroom, dreading cold water I turn on the shower, the water is warm and soothing. I don’t remember turning on the geyser, but there it was. I get out and get ready, making my way downstairs, I look at the clock, it reads 7:50 am. Did I get ready fast enough to travel back in time? Perhaps not. But as I dwelled on this question, in search of an answer, a warm glass of milk greeted me, and a hand caressed my head.

Exhausted, my feet sluggishly trudge inside, and a smiling face is waiting for me. Suddenly, my bag is off my shoulders, and a cool drink has found solace in my hands. I freshen up and return, famished, my stomach leads me to the kitchen. I scavenge through the pantry like a cat in a bin, sniffing and pawing at anything edible. A tap on my back makes me turn, only to find a divine bowl of Maggi awaiting my arrival.

No matter how her day has gone, she always has an ear to lend for my problems. The client’s delivery could always wait for me; the English teachers’ comment on my essay was more important. All she does seems so arbitrary, yet the day she’s not there, the whole house seems to fall apart. Suddenly, my brother’s shoes aren’t there, the bus is arriving before time, and there is nothing to eat. She isn’t just a cog in the machine; she is the creator.

I had a terrible fever last year, yet I recall none of the pain it inflicted, what I remember is waking up to a cold cloth on my head, being wrung and re-applied, a glass of warm water for my throat and my favorite meal steaming next to me. With my blurry vision, my mother, who was tirelessly taking care of me, looked nothing less than an angel who was carrying away my pain with no regard for her troubles.

She has been my mentor, my guide and undoubtedly the best teacher I have had, she has always been on an endless pursuit to help me be the best version of myself and has always motivated me to give my best. And I must say, watching her face light up with the result is certainly a big incentive. My mother is the only person who is more stressed than I am for my exams, yet no one is happier than her with the result.

Happy birthday, Mumma❤️ Thank you for being you and dare I say you don’t look a day over 27. Have an amazing day!