Who to break this wonderfully joyous  news to, if not to divine sisters and  brothers.  Even my own society where I live would get to know about it in due course.  😊  There has been a constant demand since 2015 when the possession was given to  residents, for a small temple inside our society complex. Yet, this has been pending till date even after many efforts. And then put to back log without much hope of its revival.



through some inner sources I got the  most unexpected news that the bhoomi poojan for a small temple has since been done quietly and the news will be public on a later date.


Well this post is also about my journey or THE journey of my soul.  Until 3 years ago, Maa existed only in a photo frame that we brought home and kept in a  temple like structure on a table of a room. My husband is a devotee of Maa and he does his 5 minutes puja daily without fail, since last 32 years.  On the other hand, I have been sleeping throughout, if not literally, mostly for sure.

Then with sheer Grace and Divine blessings, Lalitasahastranama entered my life. Its simply impossible to fathom everything with this so called mind and intellect.  Divine’s ways are beyond the grasp of we humans.  So the seed started to sprout  and slowly, swiftly, I don’t know when and how I got pulled towards Maa.  Maa started to gently embrace me along with all my  impurities.  I was simply mesmerised with the sashastra namas of Maa. Each read started bringing me closer to Maa’s divine energy.  Being the way I am, a lazy and dizzy-fizzy creature, none of my actions are ever  even near to being perfect. All my  chanting is full of flaws. I  have yet to develop that early  morning routine when one goes to altar after bathing their body, decorating the altar, then doing the nitya karma, diya bati, chanting,  arti…..

Maa knew my flaws so well. She knew that I was not prepared. So much so that I did not have any bhaav for her saakaar roop.

So Maa has kept my whole society also on waiting. Had she come earlier, it would  have been like any other general news.  I totally totally believe this to be Maa’s ways of handling things. She knows what to do, when and how to do, how much to do. She only knows what to get through me, She only knows what  am I capable of and  She will get it done as just today “Jaya Om Kumar” ji also shared in her post – Divine Wishes/Demands part I & II – that Divine Maa was seeking sugarcane for her abhishekam and  got it through Jaya ji. 

Maa tujhe pranaam.🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️


How swiftly, gently, you made your way all the way to my heart first and then decided to get seated in the society complex.

Me, the one who had once, perhaps 3 years ago only, so sadly asked Swamiji that Swamiji – मुझे श्री हरि के विग्रह में हरि नहीं दीखते, भाव नहीं आता  –  is today so elated with this news of Maa’s coming that feet want to keep whirling round and round, heart want to scream to  one and all and break the news with utmost joy and utsav…. 😊💃💃💃💃😊


कौन कहता है कि दीदार नहीं होता है
आदमी खुद ही तलबगार नहीं होता है

तुम उसे प्यार करो  वो न तुम्हें प्यार करे
बेखबर इतना भी करतार नहीं होता है

तुम पुकारो तो ह्रदय से एक बार उसे
देखना कैसे वो साकार नहीं होता है