There could not have been a better start of 2022.  I tell you MAA is MAA. Once surrendered, Maa takes over. Life starts to flow, without much efforts.


When child starts growing, its parents who provide her with support and all necessary things as per her changing requirements.


MAA sent me this invitation to be at her beautiful feet for an evening of devotion, in the company of her devotees. Dreams do come true. My dream of spending as much time as possible in HER close proximity, in the company of HER pure devotees also came true.  What a blessed start of 2022.

Radha, my childhood friend, and MAA ‘s  devotee sent me an invitation for today’s bhajan sandhya in her house Her temple at home is blessed with a bhavya, grandeur pratima of MAA wherein she does her  pooja and daily good morning, good evening and good night to MAA.


Just imagine for a while – having saakshaat, saakaar MAA in all her glory, so so beautifully decked up, such mesmerising swaroop, right inside your home!!!!


Just close your eyes and visualise presence of MAA right next to you, you sitting in her feet, and a sacred JYOTI illuminating the room,  divine fragrance all around, the melody of dholak and kartaal making you sing and dance, smile and smile and smile….. Do I need to sit in meditation today! Do I miss anything out there in this worldly world ! Simply no.


Waiting eagerly for my next date with MAA which is 1.2.2022.


Jai shri hari🌹



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