||Om Shree Matre Namah||

सिन्दूरारूण विग्रहां त्रिनयनां माणिक्यमौलि स्फुरत्
तारा नायक शेखरां स्मितमुखी मापीन वक्षोरुहाम् |
पाणिभ्यामलिपूर्ण रत्न चषकं रक्तोत्फलं बिभ्रतीं
सौम्यां रत्न घटस्थ रक्तचरणां ध्यायेत् पराम्बिकाम् ||

As soon as I realised it’s 13 Feb I was hoping to read about Mother Divine here. Not even in dream would I expect that I have anything to write on this day!  But here it is… 

The moment I took to my phone to see of any new posts on Mother Divine, this echoed within incessantly in Anu ji’s voice whom I have heard sing Lalita Sahasranama few times…

अरुणां करुणा तरङ्गिताक्षीं… 

Sweet feeling and tiny bit of moisture in eyes… I was shocked! How come? Me? That clearly was not a sentiment I had come about on this morning, it just dawned! And those three words of sloka would not stop until I heard Mother’s thousand names in Anu ji’s voice. I just listen to her. It gives me such lovely feeling and joy to just listen to her.

As soon as I heard her for the first few seconds I smelled this fragrance.. Sweet fragrance.. Mostly chandan and of a variety of jasmine combined… I assumed probably someone lit an incense stick but no it just came and dissolved. I must tell you for the whole duration I was like.. How come…? Why are you bestowing this on me? I am not even your devotee just a learner who questions and has lot of doubts. But there it was.

An unmistakable feeling was felt just like when we sit at ashram temple in front of Sri Hari when Swami Vidyananda ji does Lalita Sahasranama recitation. Oh I was so happy finally and felt home with this whole experience full of grace and blessings of Swami Maa. 🌹❤🌹

Forgive me Swami 🙏

न मोक्षस्याकांक्षा भवविभववाञ्छापि च न मे 
न वि़ज्ञानापेक्षा शशिमुखि सुखेच्छापि न पुनः ।
अतस्त्वां संयाचे जननि जननं यातु मम वै
मृडानी रुद्राणी शिव शिव भवानीति जपतः ।।

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