Maa, today was a bad day
Yesterday was also not good
Tomorrow I have to wake up
again, to my woes
I am bruised like hell,
I really miss Your warm lap
that melts my everything-ness
to nothingness, and adds
composure to my bosom

No! Today I am not afraid
Of whatever makes me sad
Today I am tired of
whatever I am
Whatever I have become and
I am yet to be
This pain nobody can fathom
This exhaustion nobody can pardon

It’s You – whom I always end up with
Through whatever valley I go
Through whichever river I flow
I end up with You, always.
I am divinotropic, I bend
towards Your abode
I need some rest today
From this treadmilled road

Sometimes I am a daughter
Sometimes – a sister
Sometimes I am a lover
And sometimes, a door
to infinite possibilities where
lies the yogic lore
Somewhere, where I can shun
this fake smile, and really grow

Your little child is too real
and honest
For this illusory world
This truth, don’t you know?
Come! And hold my little palm
And take me to Your meadows
Where flowers don’t wilt
Leaves don’t dry
Where things don’t decay
And eternity doesn’t lie

Maa, I am waiting, and I will wait
How can a child know the way
towards an unknown lane?
You have to descend and come
to me
And with your own hands
You have to hold me in Your
infinite arms; and take me to
a sky; which meets a lonely grass

Note:- This poem is dedicated to the bliss-permeated mother Shree Shree Maa Anandamayee

Picture Credit – Pinterest

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