Have you ever felt lonely? An emptiness that sometimes fill us with doubts and worries of all kind? We can’t physically see it but deep inside that emptiness keeps pinching us.

You want to be left alone, but when you are finally alone, you long for someone to put a protective hand on your head or loving arms around your shoulders.

During my bad days, Like a silent invisible poison, the pain kept eating away at me inch by inch.

I was so desperate to have someone by my side (God basically, no one else is that powerful) that I called upon her with all my might. I told maa that if she didn’t show up, I might end up losing my sanity.

I can’t exactly remember what happened in between, but from next day onwards I was reciting 2.5 hours of Gayatri Mantra, with every recitation I felt closer to her. At one time it felt like I was the mantra itself. I could no longer picture myself as a person but a completely transparent like figure.

Mantra made me stronger, without a shadow of doubt it gave me immense emotional strength.

After that day I never felt alone. Even till date I sleep in her arms and only her arms. No matter how bad my day was as soon as I call her she comes, and the world ceases to exist.

May be it is my imagination, but to be honest, it is hard to imagine such a peaceful childlike joy, the bliss I feel is real. And it is unmistakable to recognize that when maa is with you, your every question will be answered.

Just two days earlier, I was wasting my time worrying about something when I asked maa to do something about it. 15 minutes later I opened os.me to read something good and the first post I saw was “just right” by swami.

It was exactly what I was looking for. Felt like he was talking to me, addressing my issue exclusively.

Trust maa. She will never let you down. May you get to know her, like I do or even closer 😀