Oh beautiful Lord
of realms untold
Your creation submerges me.

As the rain falls cooling red earth
I’ve fallen
for your dark form.

Your mighty arms
those eyes so long
a lotus petal
a peepul leaf?

As I gaze on
therein burns steady
a flame so softly
as if your glance
has cast a spell.

I wonder then
who’s watching whom
is it I having my fill
or it is You
granting your devotee
a secret darshan.

Oh with your playful ways
I’m only too familiar
the play has changed
it is a prayer.

All around me
is Nature’s song
while the river murmurs
the peaks stand tall.

Ah the dark clouds
storm the sky
and smoke like mist
blurs my path
such silence engulfs my heart
And I know you
as I know myself.

Tell me, O Lord, please tell me
have you at last
descended on earth?

Mad as I may sound
it isn’t the weather
so many monsoons
have come and gone
And You have eluded me.

Perhaps, the eternal chase
is to end
in your loveliness
I’m so lost
so lost
…in You I live.

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