As a river flows
softly like a song
You play in my heart
as raaga on a flute

everyday I look at You
many times a day
I stand mesmerised like a moth
to the flame

one day You will devour me
of that I’m certain
but should that day come
I’ll be miserable as a child

parting from your beautiful form carved in stone
dark as the blackest night
tall as a rock
smiling softly like the moon

what will I tell this heart
where will I find the right words
that I’m leaving You
to be with You

even in death I’m afraid
I’ll worry what’ll happen to You
who’ll dress You up
and love You like I do

it’s just plain silliness
You are the supreme ruler forever adored and revered
races of men come and go
and You stand eternal

And yet, as a child thinks for her parent
I think of You
Oh Bhagwan strange as it maybe
my love for You grows

it fills me with joy
a sweet sorrow I can’t explain
in this extreme peace
everything has fallen silent

a deep gratitude for your grace
countless gifts of the mind
rise to these lips
as waves to the shore

but much as I try
it all seems quite worthless
for who can eulogise the greatest
of the great Narayana

O loving Lord
your beauty stuns me to surrender
even when the heart surrendered long ago
I wonder what’s this madness then

…the madness of being with You