Jai Shree Hari!! I offer my humble obeisance to Shree Hari jii and my beloved charming beautiful Swamiji.. I’m so so grateful to be a part of his magnificent powerful soul!!!! 
Kindness is a wonderful virtue. Seen and heard a lot about it . However,it was under his brilliance and guidance that I started following and practising it spontaneously.

I would love to share a incidence from my life where kindness saved me . Gave me another life full of happiness and gratitude.

It was a sunny winter afternoon. I sat in my car with my kids and started to drive. As I just began ,I saw our residential colony sweeper. With a rickshaw loaded or rather I should say overloaded with garbage ,she was cleaning our roads. I stopped by and greeted her and asked my son to give her a token of her service by offering some money. She was so humble and kind that initially she questioned me as to why and after some persuasion she accepted it with a beautiful sunny smile filled thank you….. That “thankyou” lut me with joy and happiness.

After sometime,I returned home .She was still there.Many a times we all come along situations where we just want to see a person smile randomly,just like that. I offered her some gifts for her kids. She was overjoyed.

As I came upstairs in my living room,my kids went to play in the balcony. I got busy with household chores. Suddenly, I heard a shrieking voice.She was our cook,who’d arrived to make lunch. I came outside the kitchen and what I saw still leaves me with goosebumps. My younger lad ,Shubhii, 2years old was leaning on the balcony standing on the chair.His upper half was outside.I hurriedly rushed outside to get him and so took him inside the room carefully. 
It was a rebirth for me. 
So yes ,my dear family,miracles do happen. I am a staunch supporter,believer ,admirer ,lover of Swamiji..He has enlightened me. Opened the gates of love ,compassion,mindfulness and the list is endless…..

Please be kind

Do random acts of kindness!!!!!

They are magical and powerful!!!!

FOllowing His path

Live, Love ,Laugh and Serve

In Shree Hari and Swamiji’s benevolence 

Jai Shri Hari