Lionel Messi,

Are you the greatest football player on this earth? I do not know. I only know one thing that I just enjoy the moment when I see you play. I probably started watching football in college and since then it has always been a treat to watch you. For now though, I miss watching football because of my schedule but I never miss any update on you or Barcelona. How can I miss it? For me, you are everything football stands for. I have been witnessing your magic for 7 years now, 7 years of joy, smiles that were impossible to wipe off my face, 7 years of fight, 7 years of defending myself that football can be my cup of tea too or any girl for that matter, 7 years of enjoying the football to the fullest. You have changed everything about the game. It is no longer about just football, because when you are on the field, you take us to a different world, you take us on a journey where guitars are in sync with your runs and dribbles. I have not seen someone so good with ball in their feet. It is just amazing. The only term that can define you is “MAGIC”.

Your goal in the 2015 Copa del Rey final against Athletic Bilbao was one of the best Messi Magic Moment- a moment of absolute genius and how can I forget 2016- Sergi Roberto covers fully 70 yards running out from full-back, before one-touch moves from Andre Gomes, Jordi Alba and then, you drive into the corner for the most sensational ofย  Classico goals. If I were to talk about all the spectacular things you do on the field, we would be here for ages.ย 

I will not get into the numbers you have achieved or the number of trophies you have won because that is not good enough to define you. You have done too much and the game will never be the same thanks to you. I just consider myself lucky to see you play and that is all- nothing more than that.

Thank you for the beautiful moments that you have given us. I hope to see you play live in Camp Nou one day.ย 

Belated Happy Birthday Messi!!

Just another fan girl.

P.S: I think I drew this picture in analog communication’s lecture and professor threw me out of the class.