How do you cut down a huge tree? Sweat a lot at knocking it down, right? But the natives of the Solomon Islands employ a simple technique — they just curse the tree and the job is done! Unbelievable, right? They surround the designated tree and loudly hurl — abuses, curses and invectives at it. This goes on regularly for many days. And as time passes…the tree begins to shrivel up and die… it is now easy to strike down the tree.

Is this true?  Real? Various questions like these may dot your mind. The tree faces a lot of negativity in the form of curses, abuses, invectives, etc. All of this affects and slowly begins to have an impact on its drive to live. Eventually, it loses its will to live and gives up.

This story may or may not be true but it holds an important message. Every negative statement of yours has an effect and acts like a curse and it is the power of a curse that compels a huge tree to come down.

Do you remember someone taunting or scathing you for a task ‘You are incompetent! Leave it! You cannot achieve this in your lifetime…’ words to these effects are no less than a curse. How did these words affect you? You may have left your assigned task.

Think, in a day how many times do you use negative statements for yourself or someone else? Your every word has the power to hurt someone or force them to lose their self-confidence forever. Your negative thought, word or action acts like an arrow that slices through the other person’s heart.

These acts may be committed unawares by you but it affects the other person’s subconscious mind. If your negative word can have such a negative reaction then is it the same with positive words too? Yess!! If abuses can affect someone then positive words too have the power to affect someone.

Medicines are used to cure physical injuries similarly blessings or prayers can be used to cure mental injuries. The way a sun’s ray lightens up the dark, the moon’s ray imparts coolness, similarly, rays of healing and blessings can reduce the negativity in someone’s mind. What are these magical rays of healing?

A laser beam is used on a person or an object to detect illness or for healing purposes. Similarly, a person can use his – words, thoughts and feelings to send fine rays of blessings and prayers to another person for healing and betterment. You can think of them as visible rays of light. These rays create positive thoughts and words for people and bring amazing results to a person’s life. These rays radiate waves of ‘healing vibrations’ to others and they keep working despite being invisible.

When one is filled with positive, happy feelings and prays for others and sends them blessings it helps to purify his own mind and body first. Sending rays of healing for others selflessly, helps you face challenges. In fact your own troubled life takes a U-turn and begins to fill with peace and joy.

A seemingly normal ray of blessing can lighten up someone’s life and has the extraordinary power to create miracles…“You are healthy…you are happy…you can overcome this illness…whatever happened has happened…forget the past…take the right step now…you are capable…you are competent to do this…you can do it…!” These are not normal words but are rays of blessings and prayers for someone. They act like a boon just the opposite of a curse.

You say ‘God bless you’ when someone sneezes, seeks blessings or when you wish someone on their birthday. “God bless you” is significant and a sign of your good – feelings, wishes and wanting well for someone. It is a ray of blessing and a prayer!

When you pray for someone you send waves of good feelings towards them. Let us use these rays to help people through all their challenges and at the same time use them to increase our own divinity and purity.

This is the magic of good wishes or you can say a powerful magic that works in the invisible realm. God bless you!

Excerpted from the book ‘Magic of God Bless you’ by Sirshree