MahaKundalini Swarupini…

A river of ether lays dormant at the base,
When tapped and awakened it flows with pace,
It concentrates at centrally situated villages seven,
Where at the end it finds it way to the infinite heaven,
It gets distributed everywhere through 72000 channels,
Whose center is situated at the navel’s canal,
This river of ether when flows without blockages,
It reaches the top piercing through the three knots and gauges,
Once it reaches the top,
The ocean of nectar and bliss starts to drop,
Then the river of ether loses its individuality, Merging eventually within the cosmic infinity,
The river then constantly flows and grows,
It gives a great view to the soul sitting in the middle of the brows,
This river then mixes with every pore,
Introducing one to the infinite energetic ore,
The ambrosia dripping through the sky,
Slowly sheds light on the illusion and the lie,
This river gushes through various hymns,
Often resonating as blissful chimes,
It shapes the heart and the mind,
It ends the struggles and the unnecessary grinds,
It fills the heart with joy and bliss,
It imbues the mind in detachment and peace,
Such is this river of joy flowing within,
Once unleashed and channeled you become a liberated Living Being!

-21st December 2021
-Vedant Ranadive

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