Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s life has been full of lessons. He lead his life in such a way that not only his supporters but also his opponents couldn’t stop themselves from bowing down to his humility, simplicity and honesty. The life lessons that we can learn from Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s life are immense, infact they are so many that they can be incorporated in a full fledged book. But still, I will try to write the 3 lessons that I have learned from Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s conduct in his own life.

1. FOCUS- There is an incident in Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s life, when he was reading the letters that were sent to him by people. Suddenly, a letter came out of the lot and he started chuckling while reading that letter. After reading the letter, he took out the paper clip that was holding the pages together. He kept that paper clip aside for further use, whereas he tored the letter in pieces and threw it in the dustbin. One of his chief follower asked him that why did he stored only the paper clip and discarded the letter that someone must have written with so much love, time and honesty. To this, Mahatma Gandhi Ji replied that the letter was full of ill words, harsh criticism and toxicity. He had no use of it, so he pulled out the only thing that was useful; out of the letter which was the paper clip. This incident shows that Mahatma Gandhi Ji was always focused on what he wanted and neglected every other thing. That’s why his focus didn’t dwindled for even a moment from his ultimate goal of freeing our country and getting independence. 

2. ACCEPTING MISTAKES- When Mahatma Gandhi Ji was 15 years old, he stole a bit of gold from his elder brother’s armlet. But this incident caused a very deep feeling of guilt in Mahatma Gandhi Ji. Due to the enormous guilt that was weighing on his heart, he decided never to steal again. He also decided to tell about the whole incident to his father. But he couldn’t tell the whole incident to his father verbally. So, Mahatma Gandhi Ji decided to write his confession to his father in a letter. This incident shows Mahatma Gandhi Ji’s humility in accepting his mistakes. It takes a lot of courage to accept one’s mistakes and Mahatma Gandhi Ji had that courage from his early days.

3. UPHOLDING ONE’S PRINCIPLES- On 4 September 1920, Mahatma Gandhi Ji launched Non-Cooperation Movement with the sole aim of getting self-governance from The British. But he soon called it off due to The Chauri Chaura Incident that took place on 4 February 1922. In The Chauri Chaura Incident, a large number of people who were participating in The Movement clashed with the police and the policemen opened fire on those people. The protesters also attacked the policemen and even set fire to that police station which resulted in all the policemen dying by getting burned from the fire. Mahatma Gandhi Ji felt that he was responsible for The Chauri Chaura Incident. He blamed himself for The Incident and he went on a 5 day fast along with calling off the whole Non-Cooperation Movement. So, he uphold the ultimate principle of Non-Violence throughout his life and that’s what made Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi- “MAHATMA”.

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