Jai Shri Radhey Shyam!

Jai Shri Hari!

I hope you all are doing great.Β 

Inspiration of this post is from my Bhanji, my sister’s daughter. Last week I went to my sister’s home for some work… My Bhanji usually loves my company until her gang comes over there…. I was tired and enjoying myself in resting position as Swami tells in yog nidra meditation I was using that trick in day…. But like always in the middle of that a gust of sleep came and I was about to sleep.

My bhanji was enjoying her cartoons, I asked her “inme se tum kaun ho?” Which character you are from these?

She replied very politely in her sweet voice:

Mamu Mai to sirf insan hu….

this is a normal answer right?

What makes this special?

Specialty of this answer is its simplicity.

She doesn’t want to be a animation character, she doesn’t want any supernatural powers, all she know is that she’s is a human being…

Now after this my mind started thinking over this.


To kin shabdon ko jod ke insan bana hoga?

I got this beautiful answer: “Ishwar ki Santaan”

we all are Lord’s child.

Ishwar ki Santaan hi insan hai…

So you see sometimes children teaches us life lessons.

We don’t need to try to be simple…

Doing nothing extra to express yourself is simplicity.

I don’t mean to say you got to interview with pyjamas because you want to be simple…

So That’s all for this post.

In my next post I’ll share my poem.

Till then Jai Shri Hari!

Pic Credits: Wallpaper-House.com