You can listen to “Mai Toh Haari” on Youtube and Spotify.


Any number of words won’t be enough to express how I feel about all these lovely beings who made this song possible. 

I am just a tiny little part of this music, music who chose us to fulfill its purpose 🙂


Rohan has played these effortless euphonious keys in the song. I would’ve never been able to start, move ahead or complete the song if it were not for him. He stood by me from day one, believed in me, held me and reminded me of my strengths when I doubted myself ✨


Then Nipun came along, all the coincidental events which led us to him or him to us, ahh these graceful plans of the universe! He worked on the production, mixing & mastering, in easy words, he gave ‘life’ to these words and melody. How many hours of effort, time and dedication he has put in is completely indescribable.


Anything I write would be less to thank Bhavana Pankaj (my ‘Bhanu Maa’), the English translation you see below is her magic. 


Jayesh, how you manage to capture the memories and details with that cute smile behind your camera!


My heartfelt gratitude to Anand, who clicked the cover art picture even before we started working on the song. The visual music of this picture inspired me every single day. He is the one who calmed me down whenever I got stuck with technical issues and started whining like a little baby!


My family, who gave me the biggest thing one could ever ask for… Limitless Freedom.


Lastly my dearest Mohit, no words, coz I know that you know 🙂


My Bhagwan,

“Hey Hari Har, sab Haar ke aayi,

Ab kya Haar chadhaun?”


Sharing the song here again 🙂


Song lyrics in Hindi

क्या तुम जैसा होगा कोई 

पल भर भी देखो तो लगे जैसे

झर-झर बहती आँखों से नदियाँ

गाता जाए कोयल-सा मन 


मैं तो हारी तन-मन

पायल और कंगन चुप-से हुए

देखा तुमको जो आते 

मेरी साँसें और धड़कन थम-से गए

मैं तो हारी, हाँ…

मैं तो हारी, हूँ…

मैं तो हारी ।


फूलों की चादर बिछाऊँ

पल्कों पे तुमको सजाऊँ

तुम्हारी ये जादू नगरी में

छोटा-सा घर मैं बनाऊँ


इतना जो तुमको चाहूँ 

बस यूँही गाती जाऊँ

प्रेम के मोती बनकर मैं

रंग में तुम्हारे रंग जाऊँ


साये में रख लो मुझको अपने

स्वर्ग से ज़्यादा सुंदर है ये

मैं तो हारी ।


Kya tum jaisa hoga koi

Pal bhar bhi dekho toh lage jaise

Jhar-jhar behti aankho se nadiyan

Gaata jaae koyal sa man


Mai toh haari tan-man

Payal aur kangan chup-se hue

Dekha tumko jo aate 

Meri sanse aur dhadkan tham-se gaye

Mai toh Haari.


Phoolon ki chadar bichaun

Palkon pe tumko sajau

Tumhari ye jadu nagri mein

Chota-sa ghar mai banau


Itna jo tumko chahu

Bas yunhi gaati jaau

Prem ke moti bankar mai

Rang mein tumhare rang jaau


Saaye me rakh lo mujhko apne

Swarg se zada sundar hai ye


Mai toh haari tan-man

Payal aur kangan chup-se hue

Dekha tumko jo aate 

Meri sanse aur dhadkan tham-se gaye

Mai toh Haari 🙂


Translation by Bhavna Pankaj

Can there be another like you in the world

O Peerless One?

Two rivers flow as my eyes

The heart, a nightingale

Sings your song


Thou hast taken all I had

This body, this mind…

The chime of my anklets, the jingle of bangles

The breath, the beating heart

Thou hast taken them all

Bereft, bereft am I…

Thou hast taken it all


Strew with flowers thine path shall I?

Adorn the lashes with the collyrium of thine love?

In thine wonderland, O, where

A little abode shall I find?


Love becometh a song

Singing ceaselessly

Take me, take me for a pearl

In thine blissful garland


And keep me forever there

In that heart

More exquisite than heaven


For a pauper am I now

Bereft, bereft…

For thou hast taken it all


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