Being born in a Brahmin family aswell getting married in similar,there were some utensils like cups of tea ,steel glasses of water and plastic coloured plates my Grandmother and my mother in law had specialy kept at an alloted space in the kitchen to serve the  house workers or those who had come to repair electricity,taps,phone lines or gas! Yesterday while teaching by class 8 son sst on secularism and how state can intervene when Hindus followed untouchability and used to even put Gangajal even if reflection of lower cast people fell on them, i hear my own Great grand parents did so , how sad. Lots of times when upper cast kids complain to me on reservation and quota in government colleges,jobs ,i think it’s our Karma, our ancestors realy mistreated them and we have to bear the karmas.I myself without bothering their cast or family they were born in try to be as courteous and kind to everyone uniformaly  Courtesy our Swami ji! Since last 2 years all our utensils,glasses ,mugs and plates are common .I did think about their hygiene,dental cleanliness or bad breath but my mind answered who says educated ,litterate ,rich or individual born in said to be upper cast family guarantee a totally spick and span Oral or under arm hygiene? Who knows? Is your maid s Cup different than yours too?