Somewhere lie in me a thousand tears
A shallow box of lilting melodies
They gush forth as I sit silently
The notes inaudible floating on the autumn breeze.

Somewhere in me lie unsaid thoughts
A bottle clasped in my soul, latched tight
It gushes forth in the form of beady tears
As I sit watching the Sun dip silently out of sight.

Somewhere in me lie unfulfilled dreams
Like a rainbow waiting for the storm to approach
I burst into tears, the drops dampen my cheeks
An aching longing, but rainbows are not meant to touch.

I think of the fragile tales my little mind once knew
Of the rainbow being a bridge, a prince rescuing me from the storm
Somewhere in me lies that longing, tugging at my heart
Pining for a mother’s embrace warm.

I pray O mother, rid me of this pining and longing,
Make me innocent as I was before
I beg of you O divine mother, just one thing-
O mother, make me a child once more.

P.S: I’m okay! My poetry just tends to be sad. Or maybe it’s better to say I’m sad, maybe I will be pampered…Just kidding 🙃 My heartfelt gratitude to everyone who took some time out to read it! Much love to each one of you, Jai Sri Hari!


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