Have you ever noticed that our best ideas come when we don’t have a pen or phone at hand? For example, in the shower or when we are trying to sleep (and miserably failing to avoid phone usage). Anyhow, last night it occurred to me that using os.me and sharing our thoughts here is a transformational experience in itself. Although you may already know all about it, I thought of writing a post anyway. I’ll try to keep it short and sweet, like me. Okay, am just kidding! Bad joke, I know!

So I’ll share a few tips and the following observations are from my own experience here, on this most amazing and kind platform. I have noticed that when I don’t apply the following for a short while, I do tend to reach a plateau when it comes to growing. Of course, besides making it a habit to constantly read Swami’s posts and keep growing spiritually, there is great growth in sharing our truth. I have found that writing posts is a spiritual practice and a journey in itself.

Whenever we are trying to feel better about ourselves, or want to serve others, it’s useful to know that os.me is just a click away. Literally! Contentment, too, is only a few words away. How? Fasten your seat belts and let’s go find out how to make the most of os.me.

Five hacks to feed the soul through os.me

1. Fill that heart with love.

First and foremost, it is essential to first fill our hearts with love. The method of doing so has been elaborated on by Swami on numerous occasions and the easiest way is to like something about ourselves and to be of use to others. So, I personally kick off self-love by thinking about one good quality I have and doing an act of kindness. Which leads me to the second point. 

2. Stick a purpose behind those awesome posts.

Whenever we share our truth on os.me, I personally found it essential to have a purpose for doing so, and almost all of us do. Ultimately, my purpose is to:

  1. Inspire others by sharing whatever I have learnt with the hope that it may help at least one person, either now or in 10-20 years. Who knows?
  2. Share some humour and steal a few smiles.
  3. Getting clarity of mind.

Having a clear purpose helps us stay detached from the actual act, staying happy and also serving others. And when the purpose is not being served, I simply don’t write. Our purpose can be anything, I feel, ranging from earning, having a hobby, helping, seeking advice, serving, out of gratitude or a million of other reasons.

So, what’s your purpose? (I think the comments have no word limit, type away!)

3. What’s the intention? Spreading happiness, yo!

Swami said in His posts here:

When we are able to give, it means nature has placed a certain trust in us. It feels we are strong enough to give, to make a difference to someone’s life. Believe me, we couldn’t be grateful enough for such a blessing.

I don’t know about you, but I do struggle to find ways to be kind physically, opportunities can be hard to come by, but through os.me, we are genuinely able to be of great use to Nature, all thanks to our beloved Swami. Being able to spread happiness, and having this clear intention in mind, enables us to make the best use of os.me. Imagine all the good karma we are able to build up, only by trying to make others happy. And it melts my heart to see how diligently some beautiful and kind members just boost everyone’s moods up through their comments. They’re nailing the happiness sprinkle, big time!:) 

4. Fill that soul with kindness.

When we are kind to others, we are also being kind to ourselves, because the happiness we experience by making others happy, is just the same! Or even more, sometimes. And the road to contentment starts with small moments of happiness. os.me is basically the contentment bank, it seems. I’ll elaborate more on kindness shortly.

5. Grow through care and truth.

Swami’s compassion and love help us earn through os.me, I personally think it is the most loving and easiest way to earn money. Talk about the easy life, huh! How blessed we are. All we have to do is read wonderful experiences, and genuinely comment. It requires some mindfulness to care about the truly wonderful people have shared. When we make a deliberate effort to be genuinely kind and make the other person experience maximum happiness, we are also growing. It unlocks something within us.

All in all, there is tremendous spiritual growth to be experienced through kindness, love, contemplation and truthfulness, and this is basically what Swami has been screaming about, I mean beautifully humming, for 10 years. And now He even brought this growth opportunity to our lap. Literally! (Typing a post on your laptop, i.e. lap … – get it?) 

Now, am not sure how short or sweet this post was, but given the above, I can say I feel great now that I filled myself with some kindness and love! See? All my posts are really selfish acts! Just kidding.

I feel like I may have forgotten some points, but the idea was to share some tips about how to really make the most of os.me, while sharing our truth in member posts and comments. Now that growth in your hands … (and lap), tell me your thoughts. Wait! Are thoughts still thoughts once they are typed and shared? Okay, enough with the deep questions:)

Your turn!