YOU have got me till here
And YOU only will take me ahead
I am just a puppet, Oh Divine!
Whatever happens, happens with YOUR will alone
YOU are the one who has created the 6 vices- lust, anger, greed, pride, attachment and jealousy
So it’s only YOU, that will take away them one by one
So why should I worry about anything
Let me go, wherever YOU are taking me
I have full faith in YOU and the process
Even if, in this process my “ego” will get hurt
I will consider it as a spurt
As I know YOU are doing everything with Love
Without YOUR will I can’t even move
It’s YOU who has created this Maya
And only YOU know it’s Laya
So who am I? Just a part of YOU
The day will come when I will become one with YOU
I will wait till eternity for that day
Till that time I will sway on YOUR tune like hay