Before Kamini dies..

“Keep an eye on her.” Said Malhar

“Sahabji, she is no threat to us.” Replied thief

“No, she is cunning. Can double cross us. I need eye witnesses near her, at the time of incident.”

“How do we keep an eye on her, without being spotted by her?” asked thief

“There are tall mango trees in the field, surrounding the well. That complete agricultural land is covered in Mango plantation. Remain on the top of the trees till early morning. Most probably, she will come with Kamini in the morning to wash daily clothes. She has told me, that Kamini will be pushed in well water. At that moment, please be on the top of Mango trees surrounding the well.”

“Should we all, be on the same tree?”

“You idiots, you are thieves and still asking me these nonsense questions. Are you really thieves or jokers?” yelled Malhar

“What if, she spots her?”

“If you remain silent, she won’t spot you. A person is really afraid while committing crime, she will scan only field and won’t see on top of trees.”

“What if birds chirp at the time of incident?”

“I mean, you are really unbelievable. Are you really thieves and criminals. I am just spoon feeding you. It is as if I have recruited army of cowards. Fine, just listen. Wear green covering of leaves over body and she won’t be able to spot you, if you remain rock still at the time of incident on trees. Even if she scans on top of trees, it is difficult to spot you. A criminal is really in hurry and fear, before and after committing crime to scan each and every detail around her/him.”

“Sahabji, but how will we be able to kill Rajveer? Our main focus is Rajveer.”

“Yes, He is the king. Palinka is just a pawn. You will get the chance to kill him. If you succeed in this, Rajveer will be trapped in my plan.”

“What is your plan, Sahabji?”

“I will tell you, but first keep an eye on her. With this, you make sure, that Kamini dies. Palinka should not change her mind. If she changes her mind, kill them both at that very moment. If she does her job, then my plan will run smoothly.”