“You couldn’t kill just a kid, you idiots?!” yelled Malhar

“Sahabji, girl had gun. She killed our boss.” Said Raghu

“Ashoka, killed my brother mercilessly. His generation shouldn’t survive at all.  I.. I..I.. am going to take revenge of my brother at any cost.” Roared Malhar

“Sahabji, give us one more chance.”

“You jokers are of no use. I should never have made deal with you. I should do it myself.”

“No Sahabji. Don’t even think of it. Phalampur is most secured place. It is like Fortress. Ajit has made Army out of ordinary people to protect village from thieves like us. People keep watch over night.”

“How did you enter inside?”

“We entered as normal traders in the morning. Befriended local trader, stayed at his house, killed him at night and then attacked vighnesh’s house.”

“So, Phalampur is like Fortress. That is why, Rajveer kept his child at Phalampur.”

“We can kill anyone for huge amount of Gold. Please give us one more chance.”

“You will get your chance as well as gold. But this time, you should kill Rajveer, not Harshwardhan. Kill Rajveer when he is alone.”

“We will kill him today itself.”

“You idiots. Don’t you have patience? First let me break him emotionally. A person breaks emotionally, when his family is broken. He should be first made vulnerable. Once, he is vulnerable, you can kill him.”

“What is your plan, Sahabji?”

“I heard his second wife is jealous of Harshwardhan.” Said Malhar with an evil grin.